BestOud – Self-quintessence of heaven and earth in each oud

For a long time, agarwood has appeared and is widely used in countries such as Asia, the Middle East, and Egypt. 

Thanks to its pricey and rare properties, agarwood is noticed by many people and used as a luxury gift for oneself or someone important.

Also, if you do not pay attention and have experience in distinguishing the fake, you will be tricked whenever you buy agarwood at a bad location. So how can you buy the real, high quality, and affordable agarwood? 

Best Oud Viet Nam - Self-quintessence of heaven and earth in each oud
BestOud – Self-quintessence of heaven and earth in each oud

For the above reasons, the BestOUD brand was born to bring effective and suitable products to customers.

I. How to properly understand the real value of agarwood?

Agarwood brings positive energy and comfort to everyone
Agarwood brings

Agarwood often appears in worship or religious spaces, for example, agarwood is used to make 108 beads for noble Buddhist monks. 

Nowadays, agarwood is often made into jewelry for today’s young businesspeople. The businessman believes that oud can help modern people to feel the elegant, traditional, and mystical lifestyle that agarwood brings. 

If you use agarwood for a long time, your surroundings emit a pale fragrance like a perfume that creates comfort for the opposite person and helps you radiate a different level compared to others.

In addition to the above benefits, real agarwood also brings economic benefits, becoming a rare ingredient of the cosmetics industry – aromatherapy.

It is becoming a high-class agarwood stick used in the tea ceremony.

Agarwood teaches people a lesson about vulnerability

Oud teaches many people about vulnerability and overcoming in life
Oud teaches many people about vulnerability and overcoming in life

You probably also know that Aquilaria crassna is a woody tree that has lived hidden for hundreds of years in old forests. 

Originally an extremely light and soft plant, few people used it for industrial purposes. 

But there is nothing born in the world that is ever useless, right? Therefore, agarwood is a wood made from the resin of the Aquilaria crassna tree.

Quietly fighting against wounds, diseases, enduring storms and storms of mountains and forests to survive, … to create agarwood

That is the reason why agarwood is always used in popular religion.

But how do you get real agarwood at affordable prices? BestOud is a perfect choice for you. 

So what are the differences between BestOud Viet Nam‘s agarwood products compared to other products on the market?

II. Difference between BestOud and other products on the market

The above benefits only exist if and only if you are using real agarwood. On the market today, artificial agarwood is marinated The chemical has a strong odor and is harmful. Therefore, you need to know a site reputable enough to trust and use real agarwood.

BestOud is one of the reputable addresses providing agarwood and agarwood products that you should not miss. 

Agarwood of BestOud has a different scent compared to other products on the market. 

It is an extremely gentle, long-lasting fragrance in the air and extremely relaxing. 

Thanks to BestOud Viet Nam‘s geographic location and fertile soil ecological environment, all agarwood products delivered to consumers are of high purity and unique chemical composition of each land. 

BestOud Viet Nam‘s agarwood plant is located in Huong Khe, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam. Ha Tinh province is one of the lands possessing the best quality of agarwood essential oil.

Derived from the mind of a trader of natural agarwood products, BestOud Viet Nam’s products are 100% real.

You will have the best quality and most affordable agarwood products on the market. You do not need to travel far to find a reputable supplier of agarwood. 

BestOud is committed to taking all responsibility related to its products and ensuring the excellent product quality reaches customers as expected. 

For us, only providing real agarwood can help the company become sustainable and spread positive energy to everyone. 

BestOud owns the advantage to make a difference in quality, price, and customer experience compared to other products on the market.

III. Why should you not miss BestOud?

1. A team of professional experts, experienced and enthusiastic

BestOud possesses a team of experts who are proficient in manufacturing agarwood optimally to bring out the most elegant and beautiful fragrance. 

Experts can give enthusiastic advice and answer immediately all your questions about agarwood. 

You can easily increase the aesthetics or appearance in the house when consulting on how to place the agarwood in the house and to save the agarwood for as long as possible.

You can ask a team of experts to directly advise which types of agarwood sticks should be burned indoors for different purposes such as agarwood, worship. 

Depending on your age, bracelets or beads will have different effects when used to wear on the wrist as jewelry. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult a long-term and experienced expert.

2. Ensuring a supply of high-quality seedlings

Best Oud Viet Nam always ensures the quality of the seedling supply
BestOud always ensures the quality of the seedling supply

BestOud always ensures the quality of the seedling supply and raw materials before production. 

The company’s skilled and enthusiastic experts will assist customers to help oud grow as best as possible with the highest grade varieties.

3. Owning an oud growing facility with a methodical farming process

In Huong Khe, Ha Tinh Province, BestOud has its establishment of growing and cultivating agarwood. 

Why BestOud chose to cultivate agarwood in Ha Tinh, but not another province in Vietnam? 

Because the amount of agarwood is not based on the age of the plant but the wound made by the grower. The quality of agarwood depends entirely on the soil. 

Each region produces a variety of agarwood with a different scent. The soil in Ha Tinh is extremely suitable for growing agarwood. 

Therefore, BestOud is constantly exploiting the true potential of agarwood through choosing the right varieties, soil for cultivation, and skilled craftsmen with high aesthetics and perseverance.

4. Crafting oud from modern equipment

BestOud is a company operating with a closed process from quality control of input agarwood materials, production process to when placing the final product in the hands of consumers. 

BestOud Viet Nam’s Agarwood Products Factory is using modern equipment with semi-automatic production lines. 

You can directly experience the product and learn carefully the production process of agarwood, the products, and the culture of BestOud during the day. 

With good treatment techniques and modern equipment, BestOud Viet Nam’s products are gradually becoming a choice of high economic value suitable for the pocket of many domestic and foreign customers.

5. BestOud has high aesthetic handmade products

How the quality of agarwood products depends on the craftsmanship of the craftsmen
How the quality of agarwood products depends on the craftsmanship of the craftsmen

Agarwood is one of the extremely rare plants, so each step of production requires a high emphasis on aesthetics and sophistication. 

If you choose an address that provides oud with poor handcraft and lack of aesthetics then the product will disappoint you when you give it to your loved ones and friends. 

BestOud commits to bring to you many products of Agarwood made entirely by hand such as beads, agarwood, especially broken agarwood with many types with the best quality. 

The core value of BestOud is to bring products containing Vietnamese values ​​beyond Vietnamese borders and out into the world.

IV. Frequently asked questions

Q1: How is the delivery time and via what method?

Answer: BestOud ensures both fast and economical delivery worldwide with a full range of legal export documents. Usually, the delivery time will fluctuate from 7 to 14 days. 

You will receive free shipping if the order weighs over 500 grams. If it is under 500 grams a flat rate of $59.

All information about your order will easily be tracked through email sent.

You have many forms to pay when you transact with BestOud such as Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, … 

Any personal information you provide to make transactions BestOud is committed not to sell information to third parties.

Q2: Are the prices of BestOud Viet Nam’s agarwood products expensive or not?

Answer: In addition to high quality, BestOud Viet Nam’s agarwood products are also affordable and affordable for many consumers because they do not go through intermediaries. 

Q3: Who are BestOud Viet Nam’s agarwood products suitable for?

Answer: BestOud Viet Nam’s agarwood products have a rustic, rustic yet elegant look that is hard to resist pure East Asia. 

You will never find any oud with such an elegant and faint scent suitable for home decor, meditation, yoga center, or spa. 

BestOud is proud of being a prestigious address that owns agarwood products that blend all cultural spaces ready to serve customers at any time. 

Agarwood of BestOud will be the killer of all fake agarwood products on the market today!


This article certainly gave you an overview of BestOud Viet Nam’s agarwood products, right? 

If you have a need to buy oud for your personal needs such as meditation, yoga, tea ceremony, do not hesitate to contact BestOud Viet Nam’s experts to immediately own real agarwood! 

All your good experience with BestOud is an invaluable source of motivation to keep us fighting and growing stronger in the future. Please place your order with BestOud today!

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