What makes BestOud shop famous and beloved?


BestOud products are different from those that are sold in furniture or wood stores, but most of them are generally at the services of e-commerce companies or not having a famous brand. When Vietnamese agarwood is discovered and exploited, many wood manufacturing companies see the value of this wood’s market but it has not been exploited and produced with a professional plan. And this leads to depleting this rare source of agarwood in nature.

Therefore, you should not choose to buy agarwood from those companies that are not reputable dealers for two reasons. Firstly, you will easily be deceived by the quality of fake agarwood products. Secondly, even if you can buy real agarwood, you are contributing to support the messy behaviors of buying, selling, and exploiting agarwood illegally, which can affect the environment and ecology. And those behaviors come from not reputable domestic logging companies. For such reasons, we recommend that you choose to buy Agarwood of BestOud shop to get the best choice of price and quality.

1. BESTOUD’s agarwood products are special because of their origin

After inviting Japanese geological experts as well as reading geological research materials of Vietnamese land, BestOud shop spent a very long time surveying the geological situation in all regions of Vietnam. Researchers and experts all believe that the soil in Huong Khe, Ha Tinh is a suitable environment to create the highest quality agarwood in Vietnam.

Finally, we decided to take a long time to cultivate the large agarwood forests in this area. Currently, the area of ​​agarwood forest here also reaches 3000 ha and it is the largest area of ​​agarwood forests in the country as well. At the same time, we also have many working days to know the local people here and help them get a new type of job with our model of agarwood business. In return, with the help of local people, the duty of managing agarwood forests is also easier and more convenient.


Bestoud’s agarwood products

After the first harvests of agarwood, we also carefully researched, compared, and evaluated the quality of agarwood in some other areas in Vietnam. As a result, Huong Khe Agarwood gives a long, pleasant aroma, and the best quality of essential oils due to its natural ingredients that are antibiotics that help protect human health. Besides, the rate of agarwood formation of Huong Khe is also the best compared to other regions. Aquilaria crassna grown in Huong Khe can create agarwood many times better than the natural agarwood formation. Agarwood formation rate can reach 30-40% while the natural rate is 1 in 1000 trees. Those conditions help BestOud shop get the best quality of agarwood in the whole of Vietnam.

2. Especial methods of creating and exploiting agarwood

In addition to the exploitation of natural agarwood forests, the exploitation of cultivated agarwood forests is also extremely diverse. We learn and apply all kinds of artificial methods to be able to produce the best quality of agarwood. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so we try to take the best advantage of each method.

2.1 Microbiological methods in Best Oud

Firstly, we need to prepare a fairly complex initial microbiological mixture, which includes cornstarch, a little agar flour, and potato flour. After mixing them, you have a microbiological compound for the second stage. Next, we drill up the trunks of Aquilaria crassna trees that are old enough to create agarwood. Multiple holes can be drilled in a deep tree, but each hole requires a distance of 20 cm. The depth of the drill into the trunk can reach 5 to 8 cm. After that, we have selected two available kinds of natural fungus, and stocked them into the mixture of microorganisms poured into the drills in the tree trunk. With this kind of method, BestOud’s agarwood is formed at a higher rate as usual. 


Microbiological methods in Best Oud

2.2 Chemical methods

With the chemical methods, the selected chemicals based on scientific research are Cl, oil, SO4, NO3. Then, the same steps are carried out as in the microbiological methods of BestOud shop. Finally, you pour the fungus on the drill cuts that contain the chemical compound. The results showed that the chemical method takes less time to create the agarwood than the microbiologic methods, but there will be a little residual chemical odor in the agarwood that is formed in this way.

In addition to the two above-mentioned methods, the other way of BestOud shop is the physical method. It simply means that you make a cut on the stem of any tree and wait for it to create agarwood. This method will have the lowest rate of creating agarwood. However, if the quality of agarwood produced by this option will be the best while it takes the longest time to form agarwood.

2.3 What is the best method of forming agarwood of BestOud?

To have the most optimal agarwood, we will incorporate all 3 options for creating agarwood. But the time interval of each alternative will last about 1 year to wait for the effect of each previous method. First, we will create agarwood by using a physical one, wait for a year before using a biological method, and for the final one is a chemistry way. After each method, we will check and mark the locations where the agarwood is made by each method. And after all, we will have different kinds of agarwood products with different quality and price of agarwood to suit the needs of each customer.


What is the best method of forming agarwood of BestOud shop?

At BestOud shop, we always pay attention to the quality of agarwood products and consider it as one of the most important criteria to create BestOud’s brand for many years. To obtain the best quality agarwood products, we have invested a lot of researching the soil, cultivating, and methods for producing the best agarwood. Actual results are based on scientific research in plants, geology, and biology. We also invite experts in each area to advise and assist in the research process. BestOud agarwood products are the crystallization of many scientific research works and achievements together with a long experimental process to create the best products of qual


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