Vietnamese oud and famous oud craft products

oud craft products

Vietnam is famous as the world’s best exporter of OUD and also a country with many famous craft villages. So which oud craft products are outstanding in Vietnam. Let’s follow the article below.

1. The elegant and meaningful oud craft products of pens

Oud craft products of pens are gifts from nature, designed in the right rustic style of wood and they are more luxurious because of oud. Their outer shells are made from oud with a natural and beautiful brown color. Pens use normal materials inside. Their color of ink is moderately dark and it’s smooth to write with pens down. Besides, their shells are designed to be beautiful and attractive for buyers. Sometimes, people prefer using black plastic and mixing it with some kinds of yellow metal shells like copper. The combination of materials and colors create a luxurious appearance for them.

oud craft products

Vietnamese oud craft products

An oud pen is one of oud craft products that helps to circulate blood pressure, against flu and is often considered amulets to be brought beside. Oud pens are also believed that avoid bad luck and bring good things to the users. Therefore, that is a very meaningful gift. Because a pen, which is usually used in an office, and is also considered one of the keys to success in life.

By the craftsmanship of artisans, oud is carefully and meticulously crafted to create delicate pens that attract more attention from buyers. Therefore, the value of using oud pens also increases. Therefore, people often choose bass pens as gifts to their loved ones. The use time of an oud pen is so long enough for a few years. And then, you can simply replace a new one when the ink runs out. Using wooden pens is also a way for us to avoid plastic waste into the environment, contributing to environmental protection.

2. Buddha statues- exquisite oud craft products

Thanks to the skillful, meticulous hands of Vietnamese, there are extremely sophisticated oud craft products like Buddha statues from oud trunks becoming many different shapes. Each oud Buddha statue is the oud craft product of the craftsmen who put in so much love and devotion. Each statue has its beauty but shows the devotion and dedication of the makers.

In the Vietnamese spiritual culture, Buddhist statues play an important religious role. Most Vietnamese people are atheists, but they will put their faith in Buddhism. The Vietnamese believe in the law of good and evil and that the Buddha will always be there to help them overcome the suffering and calamities they should have suffered.

oud craft products

Exquisite oud craft products in Vietnam

The oud statues of Buddha are 100% handmade that are made from highly skilled carvers. Oud statues of Buddha are selected from many- year-old oud trees to create the oud craft products with the highest firmness and longevity. The outer layer is covered with a mild fragrance. Oud statues are interested in and purchased by many domestic and foreign customers. Used as gifts, prominently in the oud Buddha statues are the statues of Guan Yin Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, Amitabh Buddha.

3. Backflow burners – oud craft products show the spiritual beauty

Based on the principle of working of oud smoke (the smoke flows backward due to burning because the incense smoke is heavier than the air), backflow burners are made by people. It is unique that the craftsmen have taken advantage of to make special oud craft products. The oud smoke flows downwards in the shape of a waterfall in nature. That is considered a good sign of Feng Shui. Oud backflow burners are very compact and convenient. Users can display in many different spaces. From home to office, they are believed as meaningful gifts. There are diverse shapes of oud backflow burners that are suitable for each Feng Shui of a person.

oud craft products

Vietnamese oud craft products show the spiritual beauty

Those who belong to Venus horoscope are extremely suitable for all kinds of backflow burners in the shape of Buddha. Because of the similarities in the character of the destined Venus and Buddha. It shows the personalities in fairness, seriousness, prejudice, and latent strength regardless of the circumstances. 

Particularly for the people who belong to the Jupiter horoscope, they must choose a backflow burner with smoothing shapes that shows the perfect interference between strength and lightness, flexibility, such as: in the shapes of a dragon or a panther.

To those who are destined to Mercury horoscope, they are extremely wise, creative, and can persuade the other person and create a feeling of closeness and familiarity. Their weaknesses are introverted, overthinking. Backflow burners in the shapes of a teapot or a little monk are the most suitable oud craft products for them.

It is advisable to place a backflow burner in the most visible positions in your home. Because we are mentally exhausted at the end of each day when we return home we need comfortable energy. When putting a backflow burner in your home, you should choose spaces such as the living room, on the altar of the god of wealth, or placed in the position facing the main door. If so, the spiritual meaning of Feng Shui can be achieved.

4. Conclusion

Referring to Vietnamese oud, you will not only know about a high qualified material with a top list in the region and the world. Products made from Vietnamese oud are popular in Asian countries such as oud incense, oud perfume, and bags of scent, and Vietnamese oud craft products are also very cunning and have many special spiritual meanings. The oud products can be mentioned as oud pens, oud backflow burners, oud fans, and oud statues of Buddha. Vietnamese oud craft products have been enthusiastically received by friends in many countries in terms of both quality and creativity in design. In the future, oud will play a more important role not only in terms of economics and life but also of spiritual and cultural significance for the Vietnamese people.

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