What makes BestOud Shop products famous and beloved? (P2)

BestOud Shop products

In the previous article, we have learned about the origin as well as the outstanding methods of making agarwood at Best oud. Now, we will continue to learn about the reasons that made BestOud Shop products gain prestige in the market with its reputation as the best agarwood brand in Vietnam.

The following reasons that we want to mention are in the product quality management system, product classification as well as the proper cultivation and exploitation plan of Aquilaria crassna forests that makes us have the strengths in the domestic and foreign markets.

1. Professional quality management and research system

Researching and managing the quality of agarwood is a complicated stage. Starting from the same kind of trees, there are now 24 popular varieties of Aquilaria crassna species. Researching which Aquilaria crassna can produce the best types of agarwood is also a very difficult step. Besides the cultivated forests of Aquilaria crassna, we also have gardens for research. The research gardens will contain all kinds of different varieties of Aquilaria crassna trees, which are researched and tested for the ability and quality to create agarwood.

BestOud Shop products

Professional quality management system for BestOud Shop products

Besides, we are also constantly researching BestOud Shop products and breeding to develop new varieties of Aquilaria crassna that have better adaptability and speed of creating agarwood with the soil conditions and climate of the region. On the other hand, due to changing annual weather conditions and soil nutrient erosion, regular research on new varieties is very important to produce qualified BestOud Shop products with high sustainability.

The agarwood forests are also planted in each period so that the harvest is carried out steadily from 7 to 10 years. To harvest agarwood each year, we will plant 7 to 10 forests with 1 interval year. The planting of different forests by age will also help research, care, and exploitation of agarwood forests more smoothly and scientifically.

The process of quality control also needs to be done every year to see if the quality of agarwood is well maintained. In parallel with the process of testing and researching Aquilaria crassna trees, we also ask soil experts to advise on the process of protecting and maintaining the nutrition of agarwood soils to ensure stable quality for BestOud Shop products in the next stages.

2. The plan to classify the quality of BestOud Shop products

As you have learned from the previous article, forming agarwood is a quite complex process from selecting a species to a plan to plant Aquilaria crassna trees and exploit agarwood scientifically and effectively. The next step is the plan to classify the quality of BestOud Shop products. Besides cultivated agarwood forests, we still research all kinds of natural agarwood.

The quality classification of cultivated agarwood will be much easier than natural agarwood. In addition to the traditional method, it is to let the wood dry out, then immerse it in water and calculate the degree of the sinking of the wood to calculate the oil density and quality of the agarwood. We also have modern machines that can directly research the composition of agarwood so that the quality of natural agarwood can be classified directly.

BestOud Shop products

The plan to classify the quality of BestOud Shop products

To classify the quality of BestOud Shop products, we also have to base on many factors such as the time of formation of bass, the quality, and volume of agarwood, and nutrients contained per mm of oud. Usually, the classification of agarwood will be based mainly on formation time. Because older agarwood has better quality and the quality of agarwood has been controlled in the last stage.

We conduct a systematic classification of BestOud Shop products to create our reputation with customers and make customers who buy BestOud Shop products are completely confident in the quality of the product. We are committed not to mix between natural and artificial agarwood products. In natural and cultivated agarwood systems, we continue to divide product quality into grade A, grade special, and super special. There are many separate evaluation criteria for each type. But the super special level for bass over the age of 20 and type A is the type of agarwood with the age from 3 to 5 years.

3. A reasonable and scientific plans for exploitation with ecological balance and environment

In all processes from planning, selecting to harvesting agarwood, we respect scientific principles and ensure a balance factor with the ecological environment. The preservation and prevention of agarwood forest from fires are also conducted meticulously. Due to the weather conditions of Vietnam in summer are quite dry and fires are easy to happen. But thanks to the support of the local people, the protection of the agarwood forest takes place relatively smoothly.

BestOud Shop products

A reasonable and scientific plans of BestOud Shop products

We are proud to be one of the most prestigious brands of Vietnamese Agarwood in the Vietnamese and overseas markets. The logging and wood quality testing processes take place very seriously and carefully to win the trust of customers as well as to ensure sustainable environmental performance while meeting the increasing demand for BestOud Shop productss in the market.

4. Being a prestige brand name in domestic and international markets for many years

How to recognize a prestigious business brand in Vietnam is no longer a strange question for many Best Oud’s customers. Best Oud is the leading agar brand company in Vietnam because we have many years of experience in doing this business in the region and the world. BestOud Shop products are no stranger to many customers in Vietnam and different countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, or Europe and America. The system of scientific product quality classification, complying with a strict quality inspection process, especially research and selection from cultivated forests to effective methods of making agarwood that make Best Oud products become a famous brand. And Best products have a strong position in the markets.


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